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Canal 9: Footage licenses from the historical archive

Everything you need to know to license for commercial, corporate, documentary, or fiction use of our footage made by Canal 9 Argentina.

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Canal 9 is one of the 5 national broadcasters in Argentina with more than 60 years of history since its foundation in 1960. Our audiovisual archive is one of the richest in the country with iconic clips that have informed and entertained the Argentine population, shaping the culture of our country.

Our archive department has recently collaborated with the productions of The Photographer and the Postman: The Crime of Cabezas (Netflix), Diego, the Last Goodbye (HBO Max), 2001, the Year of the Corralito (History Channel) and Break Everything: The history of rock in Latin America (Netflix) and Selección Argentina, the series (Amazon Prime). These are just a few of the productions that have our footage and are watched by millions of users on the streaming platforms.

Our specialists in cultural archives will search for any image you are looking for in order to better serve your story. We only ask you to fill out this form. Additionally, you can contact our archive at the email: [email protected]

Canal 9 is part of Grupo Octubre, one of the most important media groups in the country, owner of the newspaper Página12 and AM750, among many other media outlets. Since 2021, the group has been working with the Google News Initiative in a venture called Vision Latina that uses Ai technology to make the best use of the more than 30 years of photos from Página12 and the historical archive of Canal 9.

The stock of Vision Latina is building up, but you can check this link to look for your footage.

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